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Welcome to the Alex Hyman Insurance. We are proud to offer a wide range of insurance products to people all over the state of Texas. Our top priority is helping each client get a customized insurance package that meets their unique needs - at a price they can afford.

Auto Coverage

Auto coverage is usually a three part policy. It normally includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. This coverage is required by the state, and requires a different policy if you’d like to ride a motorcycle on the roads. Despite the state minimum requirements, it’s best that you are covered beyond that in case of a serious accident. Our independent insurance agents are able to help find a policy that works best for your circumstances.

Home Insurance

A typical home insurance policy provides coverage for the house itself as well as the contents of the house. This coverage is customized according to the value of the home and the value of the homeowner's possessions. There are several different endorsements (or add-ons) to this coverage, as well. You’ll want to speak with one of our independent insurance agents for full details.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is needed for any company, no matter the size. This type of coverage is much like home insurance, but for a business. The building and contents will generally be covered by different policies. Much like homeowners’ insurance, flood coverage is not covered in the regular liability portion of the coverage, but is a separate policy all together.

Don't get caught without proper insurance coverage. It can be a costly mistake, but it is easy to prevent. Contact our independent insurance agents at Alex Hyman Insurance to talk about your insurance needs. We can give you live quotes online in just minutes, making it easy to compare policies without even having to leave the couch!