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Motorcycle Insurance

The lawmakers in the state of Texas require motorcycle owners to carry insurance for the protection of both drivers and other people on the road. The minimum requirements for coverage are quite specific, but those requirements are only starting points for many motorcycle owners. Any motorcycle rider realizes that owning their bike is great fun, but it means a high level of responsibility. Good riders make sure that they have good coverage.

Texas State Law for Motorcycle Insurance

Under Texas state law, motorcycle riders need to carry two different kinds of motorcycle insurance, bodily injury coverage and property damage coverage. Both of these coverage types are required for the protection of other drivers, and thus they do not apply to the insured rider themselves. If an insured rider is responsible or at least primarily responsible for a road accident, their insurance policy will cover the damaged person's expenses.

Personal Protection for Texas Motorcycle Owners

Because the legally required coverage doesn't extend to the rider themselves, most motorcycle owners elect to purchase optional coverage for their bike, as well. This optional coverage is the type of insurance that would help pay for repair or replacement of the motorcycle if it is damaged in a wreck, or if it were to be stolen. Personal coverage is usually divided into two sections, comprehensive and collision. While they can be purchased separately, most motorcycle owners want to have the full spectrum of coverage. This means that whether the motorcycle is destroyed in an accident or stolen from your garage, the insurance policy would be there to help.

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