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Specialty Insurance

Classic and Vintage Cars * Landlord Coverage * Mobile Homes * Specialized Boats * Off-road Vehicles * and more...

The traditional insurance world is a conservative one. Insurance companies like to cover the things that people have the most: homes, new or newer cars, and themselves. Put enough of these similar needs together and the group together creates a pool. That pool, when large enough, can offset the cost of a few claims where cost for loss needed to be paid. This is the basic math formula and approach to traditional insurance coverage. However, when a consumer has something that is not typical, that is instead unique and special, it becomes a problem.

Things like vintage collectible cars, mobile homes, specialize boats, and similar unique items are often barred or restricted from being covered under normal insurance policies. Companies don't want to insure these items because they are not comparable to the categories the company appraisers typical see. So the valuation process doesn't work well with a clear estimated value. They have to take the consumer's word for the value which most companies aren't interested in doing.

Another area involves unique needs addressed by traditional coverage. These kinds of needs include tenant apartment coverage, manufactured home coverage and similar. These are property risks where there is a higher level of mobility on average, so companies find it hard to properly value such risks as they would a normal owned home.

Fortunately, coverage does exist for specialty needs. Policies can be written for apartment living, for collectible vehicles, for mobile homes and for unique vintage items. They won't necessarily be automatically comparable to a generic insurance coverage, but the coverage can be very effective and beneficial.

Alex Hyman Insurance can help craft custom specialty coverage policies for customers easily, working with a number of insurance providers and pinning down the coverage that works best for the situation. Don't settle for an insufficient policy or no coverage at all. Get a specialty policy and cover your risk correctly.